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Seeing Emily’s latest work MAY be reason enough to get a Facebook account. I know not all our members are enslaved by Mark Zuckerberg, though. So Emily will share with us here too. Thanks, Emily. Beautiful as always!


The Steer Clayer


This year Arlene Groch’s son  Mike asked her to convert a steer skull  (yes…it’s only resin, not real) into an object d’ Arte for his foundation’s fund-raiser auction during San Diego’s Gay Pride festivities this weekend.  Here’s a close up so you can appreciate Mr. Steer’s fine mica shift ghost image coat. (Fans of Barbara McGuire will recognize her wonderful Klimt designs.) Other photos show a few stages of the process and the finished object.
Mr. Steer is a bit smaller than last year’s Mr. Deer, so he probably won’t bring in as much as the $700 Mr. Deer raised for this worthy cause, but Arlene is hoping he’ll also find a good home.

photo 1 photo 2




photo 3


Well this little bird is another Summer Show and Tell from Robin. But it reminded me that the Southern Connecticut Clay ConneCTion is coming up soon. A Retreat so well known it goes by the one word name: Connecticut. Say you are going to Connecticut, and all the PC cognoscenti know you are headed for a long weekend of full frontal ’round he clock claying.

Many of our members will be attending. I can tell you right now I will be expecting some images of your creations. Email your pics to info@papcg.org.




With this inspiring image from Robin.


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