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Visceral fat is deemed unhealthy and dangerous due to its location in the body, which includes around several vital organs including the liver and the intestines.

When a person holds a lot of this type of fat, their risk for heart attacks and strokes significantly increases.

For anyone struggling with extra weight, finding ways to lower the number on the scales is not always an easy feat.

But experts believe adding in a few herbs and spices into your meals will help not only with added flavour, but also to help speed up the weight loss process and target your belly fat.

What to eat to target belly fat

In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, the effects of turmeric (curcumin) on weight loss were analysed.

The research further investigated a total of 18 articles of over 1,604 individuals with reference to weight loss and the use of curcumin.

“Overall, we have found that curcumin intake among patients with metabolic syndrome and related disorders was correlated with a significant reduction in BMI and weight,” concluded the study.

Health experts say compounds found in ginger possess strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties are said to help aid in belly fat loss while also helping to regulate blood sugars.

One study also published in the National Library of Medicine, found that ginger had a significant effect on both body weight and belly fat.

Chilli peppers
Researchers have found that capsaicin, which is commonly found in spicy chilli peppers, can speed up belly fat loss.

Previous research has found that by incorporating more chilli peppers into your meals helps to speed up a person’s metabolism, which in turn aids in weight loss.

Researchers have found that the heat generated by peppers can actually increase a person’s consumption of calories and “oxidase” layers of fat, including that which surrounds the stomach.

One study looked at over 88 overweight or obese women who consumed cumin to analyse how this will affect weight loss and were put into two groups.

The experimental group was asked to have 3 g/d cumin powder with yogurt at two meals for three months, while the other group received no cumin.

The study found that the cumin group resulted in faster weight loss compared to the non-cumin group.

“Cumin powder in a weight reduction diet showed improvement among overweight/obese women,” concluded the study.

While not quite an herb, lemon is among the list of spices and flavourings shown to help target belly fat.

Their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants are said to help promote weight loss and improve digestion.

Lemons also have diuretic properties, which help in detoxifying the body, thereby helping burning fat.

Health experts advise drinking lemon water to increase metabolism by inducing thermogenesis, a metabolic process in which calories are burned to produce heat.