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The British dad who walked out on his family before dumping the Ukrainian refugee who he left his home for has been reunited with his ex-partner and their children on a judge’s orders.

Tony Garnett, 30, and 28-year-old partner Lorna – the mum to their two kids – welcomed Sofiia Karkadym into their home earlier this year.

They had taken the 22-year-old in after her country was invaded by Russia back in February, but a romance quickly developed between Sofia and the security guard.

Their love story soon turned sour, however.

After running away with her and embarking on a four-month relationship just 10 days after she arrived in May, the dad has now cut Sofiia out of his life after a series of rows.

She returned to Ukraine this week – and now Tony and his family are able to be legally together for the first time since the affair.

He had reportedly been the subject of a ‘non-molestation’ order after he quit the family home in Bradford, Yorkshire, this summer.

But a judge has now lifted the ban and Tony marked the moment by collecting his daughters from school and treating them to an afternoon of fun at the park, according to MailOnline.

Lorna joined them but says there is no going back and confirmed she is seeing someone else.

“I am chuffed beyond words. It’s so amazing to be back with my kids. They come before anything,” Tony said.

Lorna said: “He is actually a wonderful father who loves his daughters to bits. I know he has missed them a lot.

“But I had to get a court order against him because I was really worried in case his girlfriend, who he left me for, persuaded him to run away to Ukraine with her and our daughters.”

She stressed their romantic relationship is dead – and said he is fine with her having a new man in her life.

The affair came to a dramatic end late last month and the break-up culminated in Sofiia being arrested twice in two days.

She was released without charge.

Tony said: “I’m not heartless. I do feel sorry for her. But relationships do come to an end and this one is over. I hope we can be friends when all this hysteria has died down.

“I talked to her and told her that there was absolutely no chance of us getting back together.

“Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. She’ll be much better off in Ukraine or if she gets a new relationship, good luck to her.”