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In evaluating head injuries, the player continues to be the least reliable source of information

As the NFL hopefully goes back to square one and reviews its concussion policies and protocols from top to bottom and back again, there’s one very important reality that always

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What is CAR-T cell therapy?

Roughly 620,000 new cases of lymphoma were diagnosed worldwide, according to the World Cancer Research Fund International’s 2020 report. Survival rates have improved as advances develop in treatment, such as

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U.S. Navy jet flew across Baltic hours after Nord Stream burst

A U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft flew near the site of the ruptured Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea hours after the first damage emerged, according to tracking reviewed

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Pixelated clothing at Paris Fashion Week is metaverse fashion flipped on its head

At the Loewe fashion show at Paris Fashion Week this weekend, models stalked around an enormous model of an anthurium plant emerging from beneath bleach-white floors. As a whole, the

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TV star says he life was ‘ruined’ after police wrongfully arrested and beat him

A former TV entertainer claims his life was left in “ruins” after he was wrongfully arrested, punched and hit by police officers. Channel 4’s Renovation Game star Huntley Thawe’s reputation

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