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Just Say Moo

When Sherman Oberson came to the September 2012 meeting with a stack of
custom business cards he’d ordered from Moo Designs, they got everyone talking. Each card had a great looking picture of his work and a cool color scheme.

Business cards from Moo Designs are perfect for artists and craftspeople because you can use your own pictures and color schemes on the cards and design them yourself. Or you can choose from the many design templates Moo has to offer. Moo’s philosophy is that business cards should be a conversation starter and something the recipient can act on. Imagine being at a show and having a customer who admires something but is not quite ready to buy. What could be better than the customer taking your business card with a picture of the piece and your contact information? Moo’s Printfinity option allows you to print a different image on every business card in the pack at a reasonable cost which making it a marketing tool you can put to use.

Moo offers a selection of premium papers and finishes and takes orders for small amounts of cards. You can design full color double-sided cards at no extra cost. For something different, they offer a mini business card. Robin Milne brought some of these to a meeting a few years ago and they were very intriguing.

Moo says, “Don’t let your cards let you down when it’s so easy to make something great!” And they offer discounts if you refer a friend.


Martha Aleo, Deputy Blogger

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