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Scenes from Clayathon


Wilma, Gwen, Jacqueline and Mary


The workroom


Patti and Terri


Guest Artist Jacqueline Cherie 


Mary and Sherman

More Show and a Little Tell

We keep hearing that artists should develop a personal style, but the details of how that’s done are often vague and ethereal. So we were fortunate to have Kathleen Dustin as our Guest Artist at Sunday’s meeting. She spoke and used slides to tell us the story of how she developed her style  and gave us a mini story of her life in the process.  Of course the pictures were beautiful and the talk was fascinating.  This meeting was open to our membership at no extra cost.

Kathleen  came to the guild earlier in the week to teach a two-day master class on building vessels.

The show and tell pictures have some of the projects students made during the class and  other items.

More Clayathon Pictures

Earlier this week,  I posted about Clayathon and this year’s guest artist Leslie Blackford.   Aside from Leslie’s example bird,   all of  the  pictures in that post show birds Clayathon attendees made under Leslie’s expert tutelage.   I forgot to mention that Leslie also  demonstrated how to  sculpt realistic looking twigs for the birds to perch on.

While everyone watched and enjoyed the demos, some  people worked on  other projects

More Clayathon highlights to follow!

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