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Showcase Fundraiser Contributions Continued

More pics of our many donations.  Some are new and some mentioned in earlier posts.  Also a big thank you to Eileen Cressman-Reeder for her donation of an amazing sculptured teapot and to Lesley Gevins for her beautiful handcrafted wicker vase.

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Fundraiser Stockpile Continues to Grow

As donations begin to stockpile at Denise Pettit’s home for the Guild’s Annual Showcase Fundraiser, Denise worries that her neighbors will nominate her for “Hoarders” the reality show on TLC.  Here are some of the new contributions from vendors, members and artists.

Member/Artist donations: Eclectic Sprite from Christ Friesen of CF Studios and Snowman from Perrie Layton of Mortimer Inc

Vendor contributions top left to bottom right: 3 gm jars of Pearl Ex powders from Jacquard, molds from Best Flexible Molds, Helen Breil Texture Sheets from Shades of Clay and Pardo Clay, paints and foils from Viva Decor.

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