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Shout it Out! Copy Our Badge for your Blog or Website

Just cut and paste this code into a blog widget or onto your website

<em><a href=”http://www.papcg.org“>
<img src=”http://papcg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/papcgsqlogo.jpg” /> 

and you will create a clickable badge that will take people right to the Guild’s web page.

In WordPress,  cut and paste the code into a text widget.  For other  blog services and web pages, follow the instructions from your provider. 

If you want to see how Robin Milne’s great logo looks on my blog, press here.  You can see the logo on the left about halfway down the page.  And while you’re there, click on the logo and take a look at the new look of the guild web site!




  Martha Aleo, Deputy Blogger

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